About A Park of Many Paths

In early 2008, we began to imagine a project that could harness the energy discovered at Lantern Garden (our first summer workshop series for kids and families 2007-10) to continue transforming the Mabelle Park. At that time we received $5000 from the Ontario Arts Council to put together a research and development team of artists and architects to further explore the idea. At the end of the process we compiled a report that outlined a variety of community-based approaches for the park transformation that could be tailored to fit a variety of budget scenarios. We named the project A Park of Many Paths and began consulting with organizational partners and tenants in the winter of 2008.

In the spring of 2009 we began an extensive community consultation process with Mabelle tenants. We spoke with over 100 residents in depth, who shared their concerns about the current park as well as their hopes and desires for a transformed park. We also developed and strengthened a variety of organizational partnerships with groups that include: Toronto Community Housing, Park People, Montgomery’s Inn, and Jumblies Theatre. Each of these organizations will play an active role in creating the park, as well as looking to its legacy and further development in the years to come.

In 2010 we received a three year funding commitment from the Ontario Trillium Foundation to launch a process of park transformation.  Many results of that commitment are on display within this website.

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