Our work tends to align with the seasons and involves two intensive production times (Winter and Summer) with time for professional development, fundraising and project incubation in the early Spring and Fall.

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A Park of Many Paths

Our ongoing park transformation project involves artists, architects, gardeners and builders to work with Mabelle residents to re-imagine, transform and annimate the Mabelle Park, located in the heart of the Mabelle neighbourhood.

Community workshops begin in late May.


This summer, in partnership with the City of Toronto’s Cultural Hotspot project, MABELLEarts ​is hitting the road, bringing our brand of art making, story sharing and public space transformation to neighbourhoods across Etobicoke With our trusty mobile MABELLE 1974 Sprite camper trailer, MABELLEartists and youth will be collecting and sharing the stories and imagery of diverse residents of all ages and backgrounds, focused on migration, arrival and belonging. As the project develops, the trailer will transform as it is imprinted with stories, images and objects created by participants we meet along the way. Follow Mobile MABELLE HERE

A Light In Mid Winter

This annual pageant and community celebration invites artists and community members from Mabelle, Central Etobicoke, Parkdale, Scarborough and Davenport Perth to co-create images of leaving, arriving and belonging.

Community workshops in preparation for the parade begin each Novemeber.

The Mabelle Ladies Cooking Circle


Community festivity is a big part of the life of our company.  Our production times always include community workshops, gatherings and celebrations, none of which would be as exciting without food!  The Mabelle Ladies Cooking Circle involves a group of women who come together to share recipes and traditions while feeding the neighbourhood.  Each receive an honorarium for the participation.

The Mabelle Cooking Ladies tend to work in sync with our production times.

Mabelle Community Leaders

MABELLEarts provides ongoing honoraria to community members paticipate as interns and leaders in our various projects.